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Discover Pupstarts Dog Breeding Courses

Discover Pupstart’s Dog Breeding Courses

All the information you need, for every litter you breed

Hi, I’m Rebecca Walters,

and I’d like to share a secret with you.

Rebecca Walters dog reeding expert coach and mentor

I’ve been a dog breeder for 16 years, and I know how difficult it can be to get clear information on dog breeding.

You’re not alone in thinking the dog breeding industry feels like a very “closed shop.” Learning how to breed ethically and responsibly can feel like an enormous challenge.

But, with Pupstart’s dog breeding courses, you can benefit from a wealth of experience both in and out of the whelping box.

So, let’s get your dog breeding questions answered, so you’re clued up and feeling prepared!

You’re here because you have a ton of questions, and you want to be the best breeder you can be.

Whether you consider yourself a dog breeder or simply an owner who happens to be expecting a litter, the path ahead is full of responsibility.

You’re about to take the lead on a bundle of little lives, not forgetting that of your bitch, who is about to experience motherhood and all that goes with it.

Breeding and raising puppies isn’t easy, in fact, it can be a very risky business for both the bitch and her puppies.

Did you know that up to 30% of newborn puppies die within the first 3 weeks of life?

The saddest part of that statistic is that if all breeders had access to the science-based, current information in our dog breeding courses, that number would be significantly reduced.

I know that you want to take the absolute best care of your dog and her impending puppies. You want to do a cracking job at every stage of your dog breeding journey.

And I want to support you in becoming the best dog breeder you can for your dog, her pups and the families who welcome your little bundles of joy into their lives.

dog breeding courses empower ethical dog breeders to breed

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Dog Breeding Courses?

Our complete range of dog breeding courses empower ethical dog breeders to breed, whelp and raise better puppies. But it doesn’t stop there.

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We must get dog pregnancy and whelping right.

Dog pregnancy and whelping can be overwhelming and full of surprises. It can also be isolating if you have nowhere to turn.

Discover what’s normal, what’s essential, and when you need immediate veterinary intervention. So you’re not riding the waves feeling uneasy and afraid of what’s to come.

With the complete pregnancy and whelping course, you’ll feel prepared, clued up and ready for the journey.

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Early Puppy Socialisation made simple.

We want our puppies to be robust and ready for the world, but often when we think about puppy socialisation it can feel like it’s going to take an abundance of time that just doesn’t exist.

Fear not, our puppy socialisation course shows you how to effectively socialise your puppies in just 5 minutes a day. Phew!

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We need to take the lead and match our puppies with the right people.

Puppy temperament testing is outdated, instead, use our puppy profiling methods, and you will find the ideal homes for your little pupstars.

Learn how to observe, advance and successfully match your puppies with the right people for them in our puppy profiling course.

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The last link in the chain is our new puppy owners.

We must set new puppy owners up for success with the right information to continue the incredible work you have put in.

We need a team around the puppy that’s well informed, prepared, and equipped to take the reins and lead our pups to the lives they deserve.

And that’s why our courses bring together all the essential information, resources and education that’s needed at each stage of the journey.

From conception to puppy classes, we’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to do this alone.



Our dog breeding courses cover

Breeding, Pregnancy & Whelping so you’re equipped for every possibility

Puppy Socialisation for Breeders so your pups are world ready

Puppy Profiling to successfully match puppies with their forever homes

Early puppy training for new owners so they’re not fumbling around in the dark

Breeder Paperwork inc. schedules, routines and monitoring for healthy, happy pups

5 star review

“Being a Pupstarts Breeder has opened my eyes in so many different ways. Not only do I breed bigger litters, but I also raise them in a far better way, and my owners are having fewer problems with them.

Plus, the owners have The Puppy Pod owner’s course, which makes my life so much easier. I sleep better knowing my owners are getting professional advice on how to care for the puppies. I would highly recommend the course to anyone thinking of breeding a litter.”


Jay Middleton

Dog Breeder, Chester

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All of our dog breeding courses come with:

24/7 instant access for life

Exclusive access to our private member’s community with weekly lives, discussion threads and supportive peers

Unlimited entry to our webinars and guided learning packed with dog breeding info and advice

Consent to display your badge of honour as a Pupstarts Breeder on your website, socials and paperwork

Pre-approved admission to our Ambassador program

Personal invitation to join our mentoring program

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So you can:

Feel confident and prepared for every eventuality

Build a waitlist of awesome prospects for your litters

Sleep easy because you know your pups are going to the BEST homes

Be a trailblazer in the revolution of ethical dog breeding practices

Learn how to breed dogs, whelp like a pro and raise resilient puppies set for happy forever homes

5 star review

“We found the Facebook LIVE sessions so supportive. Our local puppy classes were affected by COVID and we would have seriously struggled without Pupstarts.

Stella was fairly good, but she was very difficult to leave alone at one stage and being able to access the information at any time was great. The best bit was being able to ask Rebecca direct questions on a weekly basis, that definitely kept us on the right path training wise.”


Dawn Strutland

Owner, West Midlands

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The Big 3


Get your paws on The Big Three today!

Discover the answers to the three dog breeding questions on everyone’s lips
How will you know if she’s ready to mate? Is your bitch pregnant?
When will she go into labour?

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