Pupstarts Accredited Courses for Dog Breeders

Our Dog Breeding Courses

For established and new dog breeders

Our dog breeding courses are for both established and new dog breeders who want to be the best they can be for their dogs, puppies and the owners who choose them.

With over a decade of experience in dog breeding, training and welfare, we have created the only dog breeding courses that tackle every element of breeding in a direct and easy to learn fashion.


The big six!

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The Ultimate Dog Breeding Course Bundle

Everything you need to breed, deliver and raise happy, healthy puppies that end up in wonderful forever homes.

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Dog Pregnancy & Whelping Course

Learn how to breed dogs ethically and safely from the very start.

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Breeder Puppy Socialisation Course

Change your puppies future in less than 5 minutes a day with our comprehensive early socialisation course.
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Puppy Profiling Course

Place the RIGHT pup with the RIGHT people with our complete puppy profiling course.
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The Breeder Paperwork Bundle

Access contracts, templates, examples, charts and schedules INSTANTLY.
Everything you need for UK licensing and more!
Get your ducks in a row today.
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The Puppy Pod (for owners)

Set your puppy owners up for success with our puppy training program designed especially for new owners.