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How being a Pupstarts Breeder works for you

The home for ethical breeders committed to change

You can join us at any point in your dog breeding journey. Whether you are completely new to breeding or you have bred before, we have a course or program to suit your needs.

There are so many elements that go into breeding a healthy, happy and resilient litter of puppies. So we’ve designed our dog breeding courses to tackle every component, leaving no stone unturned.

Our ethical dog breeding pathway covers every nook and cranny of the process. Think of it as a dog breeder’s guide through all the essentials, from choosing a mate to homing your beautiful pups.

We want to support dog breeders. So our collection of dog breeding courses give breeders instant access to the most up to date dog breeding advice and tips all in one place.


Dog breeding courses

Dog Pregnancy and Whelping


*CPD accredited

*How and when to breed

*Whelping troubleshooting guide

*Aftercare for bitch and Newborn puppy care

*Puppy weaning Schedules

And a whole lot more.

Puppy Socialisation for Breeders


*CPD accredited

*Puppy socialisation checklists

*Early Scent and Sound Introduction

*Just 5 minutes a day per puppy

Get your pup’s world-ready.

And a whole lot more.

Puppy Profiling


*Observation guides and development plans for each puppy

*Matching puppies with perfect homes

*An individual plan for each new puppy owner, personalised to their puppy

*Reuse for every litter

Be a champion matchmaker.

Breeder Paperwork Bundle


*Extensive enough for UK licensing

*Ready to use templates, plus real-life examples

*Flea, Worming and Vaccine Charts

*Feeding, Socialisation and Enrichment Plans

* Contracts, Risk Assessments and Emergency Plans

And a whole lot more.

The Puppy Pod


*Early puppy training support for new owners

*Preparation, Mindset and Puppy Shopping List

*Introduction to Dog Body Language

*Puppy Training Tutorials on all the vitals

*Access to a new puppy owner support group

Give your owners instant access.

The Ultimate Dog Breeding Course


*All of our courses in one neat bundle (at a reduced price)

*Lifetime access to everything you could ever need for every litter you breed

*Instant access to any new course material added free of charge

*Peace of mind (priceless)

Get fully prepared for the road ahead.

We have a dog breeding course to support you on every stage of your journey, from conception to home, ensuring that you, your dogs, puppies and new owners all benefit from the tools in your toolbox to get it right.

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The Pupstarts Breeder Portal

The Pupstarts breeder portal french bulldog
Once you have enrolled on a course, you get FREE and INSTANT access to our Pupstarts Breeder Portal.

This is our private member’s area, and it’s heaving with dog breeding information, advice and understanding breeders ready to support you on your journey.

There’s nothing 9-5 about dog breeding, so having access to a 24-7 lifeline of support is worth its weight in gold.
Plus, get exclusive access to our weekly lives, bonus video tutorials and Q&As.

We will support, advise and educate you on every step of your breeding journey.

The Ambassador program

Pupstarts Ambassdor program cocker spaniel puppies

Included with all our dog breeding courses is pre-approved entry into our ambassador program. It’s here that you are presented with a wealth of options to elevate your new puppy owners knowledge and skills so that they can give your pups the very best homes for life.

When your puppies leave for their new homes, there is a gap in support for new puppy owners. Until pup is fully vaccinated and can get to in person training classes, there is little support to help your owners handle the sleepless nights, toilet training and everything else we know is coming their way.

This is the most vulnerable time for new puppy owners and a crucial point in their puppy’s development.

The Puppy Pod bridges that gap and leaves your puppy owners feeling supported, guided and clear on what to do with their little bundle of joy (and carnage!)

Support your puppies seamlessly into their new homes and get paid for it!

CPD Accreditation for Breeders

Accreditation for breeders human hand and paw
Our Ultimate Dog Breeding Course, Dog Pregnancy and Whelping Course, and our Puppy Socialisation Course are all CPD Accredited. This means that you get out of this world brownie points for completing them!

If you’re a licensed dog breeder, then completing these dog breeding courses can contribute to you scoring those all-important 5-stars, which delivers the added bonus of fewer inspections, longer issue on your license and even reduced licensing fees.

The Badge of Honour

Ethical Dog breeder badge of honour

As a Pupstart’s Breeder you have the privilege of splashing your commitment to ethical dog breeding practises everywhere, for all to see!

Your dedication to being an ethical and reputable dog breeder deserves to be shouted from the rooftops. So grab your badge of honour and share it everywhere.

Let everyone know how vital it is that breeders everywhere adopt best practise and pledge to take the lead.

I’m an ethical dog breeder and proud as punch

1-2-1 Mentoring program

one to one dog breeder mentoring pupstarts
If you want to go all-in and become the best breeder you can be then my mentoring program is for you.

I will be by your side, walking you through the course content and giving you personal support on your journey to excellence.

I will guide you through dog breeding licensing, whelping, raising puppies and be there to help you troubleshoot any issues that arise for you along the way.

You also get exclusive behind the scenes insight into how I run my dog breeding business and kennels, so you can gain an unparalleled perspective into the art of ethical dog breeding.

The Big 3

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Discover the answers to the three dog breeding questions on everyone’s lips. How will you know if she’s ready to mate? Is your bitch pregnant? When will she go into labour?
The Big Three