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National Dog Breeder Day

National Dog Breeder Day – 25th November

It’s Time To Celebrate Responsible Dog Breeders!

Dog breeders have been hiding in the shadows long enough, feeling ashamed to declare who we are and what we do. As ethical and responsible dog breeders, we work incredibly hard and put our all into the dogs and puppies we share our lives with.

That is why I have launched National Dog Breeder Day which is part of the Dog Breeder Convention 2021. “In The Whelping Box” is taking place from 19th-28th November.

Delegates will hear from vets, nutritionists, behaviourists, groomers, vet nurses and trainers, and learn about the most current breeding methods and ethical practises. Click here to grab your free spot; In The Whelping Box | Facebook

Public opinion of dog breeders may be tarnished with bad press about breeders who do not put their dogs and puppies’ wellbeing first. But we know there are a considerable number of breeders, dedicated to raising well-planned litters that are given top-notch care every step of the journey.

Let’s shine a spotlight on ethical, responsible dog breeders and leave shame behind!

Ethical Dog Breeders Unite!

Your work is important. You breed people’s best friends. And you put your heart and soul into it.

When we champion the work, dedication and skill behind ethical and responsible breeding, we pave the way for transformational change.

It is through highlighting and celebrating responsible dog breeders that we’ll raise the bar and reduce the number of dogs who end up in rescue.

Plus, we’ll help educate the general public on what to look for in a good breeder, so they can make well informed choices.

Long days, missed holidays, sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion.

For a dedicated reputable dog breeder, this is what life looks like.

When you commit to breeding a litter of puppies, you live and breathe taking care of them for months on end. From choosing the right dogs to breed from to nurturing and physically caring for Mum, right through to whelping and raising the litter with care.

Responsible dog breeders are dedicated to doing things correctly, safely and backed by education and science.

Their paws are quite literally in our hands. And we devote our all to them.


National Dog Breeder Day

Imagine if ethical dog breeders were held high and given the credit they deserve. Celebrated even?!

Well, save the date, for on the 25th November we’ll be doing exactly that! And we’d love you to be a part of it.

Let’s flood social media with stories, photos and happy dog breeding tales.

Here are 13 ideas for posts to get you started:

1. Share your dog breeding mission

2. Show off your mama bears!

3. Tell us how you got started with breeding

4. Share then and now pics; from pups to happy adult dogs!

5. Show off the pups you just had to keep!

6. Tell us what lights you up about dog breeding

7. Share your first whelping experience

8. Show us your first ever puppy

9. Tell the tale of your latest litter

10. Tag a breeder who makes you proud and tell us why!

11. Tag a puppy owner whose commitment made you smile

12. Invite your puppy owners to share their puppy tales


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #nationaldogbreederday
and tag us @pupstartsbreeders so we can show you some breeder love!

It’s time for you to be recognised for the hard work, dedication and commitment you put into breeding. You make an enormous difference to people’s lives when you put a well bred, happy puppy into their homes. And we want to celebrate YOU!

We are going to illuminate this industry, because it is the only way to benefit our dogs for the longer term.

Have you heard?

dalmation puppy
There is now an iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare especially for dog breeders! This is your opportunity to learn, develop your skills, connect with other responsible breeders, AND get qualified!

In a year or two from now, owners will be asking ‘are you qualified to breed?’

And that’ll be sweet music to our ears. Finally there is a way to get the knowledge you need and a hallmark of excellence to showcase your professionalism.

You heard it here first!

November is national dog breeder day

About Pupstarts

What is Pupstarts Breeders?

Pupstarts Breeders is an educational provider for Dog Breeders and new puppy Owners.

We champion ethical and responsible breeding practice, with health, behaviour, welfare and long-term security for the dogs and puppies at the heart of all we do.

Why was Pupstarts Breeders founded?

The drive and motivation for this started around 25 years ago when I undertook my work experience at Battersea Dogs home.


There I met Errol, he was a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He had been a stray, and he had been in the kennels for a while. He was dog aggressive and anxious around men.

He had little in the way of basic training and was a strong, muscled ball of energy. No one wanted him. Although Battersea do all they can to address issues with the dogs they have, they were, and still are, overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unwanted dogs. Errol’s issues were deemed too ingrained to be able to rehome him and Errol was put to sleep.

He walked out of his kennel for the last time, wagging his tail, happy to be getting some attention. He was dead a few minutes later. No fuss, no drama, the end. The question why must be asked. How do we get to this point?

Quite simply because Errol was failed. Most likely not intentionally, but through a lack of regard, understanding and education Errol was poorly bred, poorly raised and he had no support from his breeder when he needed it most.

However much we see this and recognise it, the fact remains that there is no official educational pathway for dog breeders in the UK! We want breeders to up their game and breed better, but where can they learn? Think lack of education has a twofold effect.

Firstly, there is no opportunity to learn the required skills, so breeders often “learn on the job” and make serious mistakes along the way. Secondly this lack of official recognition creates a social feeling that dog breeding is not a serious vocation.

If the job itself is not taken seriously, how can we ever truly improve standards and conditions for the dogs and puppies?

So having bred myself for over 16 years I have set up Pupstarts Breeders as a breeder education hub, a safe space for ethical and responsible breeders to come together and learn, grow, and support each other with a view to improving standards, and creating a better starting point for the dogs of our future.

How does National Dog Breeder Day play its part?

We believe that ethical and responsible breeding should be championed, it is after all the main way we will truly see improvements in the health and temperament of the puppies produced, and therefore an improvement in the volume of dogs in rescue.

If socially the stigma of dog breeding was accepted and taken seriously as a vocation, then we would see an uplift in standards and the direct result would be that the dogs would benefit.

We are running National Dog Breeder Day to acknowledge all the dedicated breeders out there. All those breeders who live and breathe their dogs. As breeders ourselves we know exactly how much blood, sweat and tears go into raising a well-rounded puppy.

A decent breeder works 7 days a week, 365 a year. They face heart ache, hard work and often criticism for doing the job they were called to.

It is time for a change!

I feel that breeders often get a bad rap and are accused of putting money before welfare and of being uncaring towards the puppies the produce and the dogs they breed from.

The many, are tarred by the actions of the few!

Bringing the change

After many hours of course writing and development we are thrilled to announce the iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare.

The qualification is the first of its kind and is regulated by Ofqual. It means breeders can be “qualified” to breed. In turn, this will mean that breeders can officially be proud of what they do and hold themselves high.

If we can create a cohort of qualified breeders who have learnt to breed, raise, observe, and then match puppies to people properly, and then support them into their homes thoroughly then we are on track to start the change that we need to see.

It is the first qualification of its kind in the UK and National Dog Breeder Day marks the start of the tide finally changing

How are we celebrating?

From November 19-28th we are hosting a Dog Breeder Convention in support of ethical and responsible breeding. National Dog Breeder Day on the 25th November (which will be an annual event) falls inside that week.

We will be hosting various guest speakers from trainers, vets, vet nurses, groomers, behaviourists, and nutritionists about various aspects of breeding, whelping, care and training for dogs and puppies.

The week will be full of learning and inspiration for breeders, a sense of pride and community and most of all the message that not all breeders are puppy farmers, and that education is how we improve the dog breeding world for the benefit of the dogs.

I do want to be clear, I am not encouraging people into breeding. I am encouraging those who are already breeding, or those who are already considering breeding to breed better.

Join us in November here (link to In The Whelping Box Group)

Support us by using #nationaldogbreederday #pupstartsbreeders