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Ofqual regulated iPet Network Level 3 in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation & Welfare

by | Jan 10, 2022

Searching for an Ofqual regulated Level 3 in Dog Breeding? We have just the thing!

The newly launched iPet Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare is the first (and currently only) nationally recognised qualification for dog breeders. 

Up until now, dog breeders aiming to get their full 5-star dog breeding license had only generic Ofqual Canine Care courses in order to achieve a level 3 certificate for licensing. 

There was nothing specifically for dog breeders that would both cover the important topics around breeding and litter raising AND deliver a nationally recognised qualification. 

Well, there is now!

So let’s explore the details of the Ofqual regulated iPet Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare. 

Do I need an Ofqual regulated Level 3 in dog breeding to be a licensed breeder?

The latest guidance for dog breeding license requirements released in February 2022 states that in order to achieve a 4 or 5 star dog breeding license:

“Each business must have a full-time, permanent member of staff with an appropriate OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification.”

Dog Breeding Guidance Feb 2022

Source: CFSG

It’ll be down to your local authority license inspector how they interpret this guidance and what they require in order to assess you as a 5-star dog breeder. And of course, alongside the requirement for a qualification, there are a host of welfare and socialisation requirements to meet. 

These are covered within the Ofqual regulated iPet Network Level 3 in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare course, so you’re not just getting a certificate but also learning how to action best-practice protocols with your own litters. 

If you want to undertake a qualification to assist your licensing, then choosing a course that’s specific to dog breeding will be considerably more valuable to you than a canine-related qualification which delivers no real-life value to your practice. 

Why would I choose to undertake an Ofqual regulated Level 3 in dog breeding?

We all know that there are some less than positive views of dog breeders, and that needs to change. I think we all understand where these views have arisen from, and desire a shift in viewpoints so that we no longer feel embarrassed or self-conscious about what we do. 

You dedicate your life to raising the best friends of the future, and it’s hard graft. You deserve to be celebrated and held in high regard. But how does a regular dog owner know who’s good and who’s not?!

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Whether you’re a newbie to dog breeding or an established, experienced breeder, obtaining a qualification not only enables you to stand out against backyard breeders but it also encourages higher standards across the industry as a whole. 

It helps new puppy owners to identify responsible reputable dog breeders to buy from and to understand what goes into making a dog breeder outstanding. 

And of course, it helps you to update your practises and knowledge so that you’re consistently raising the bar and doing the very best for your bitch and her puppies. 

What is the course content in the Level 3 in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare?

The Ofqual regulated iPet Network Level 3 in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare will take you through 3 units each focused on an important element of the dog breeding journey. 

We start with Unit 1 which is focused on

  • Deciding to breed
  • UK Dog Breeding Law and Licensing 
  • Choosing a mate
  • Planning your mating
  • Confirming pregnancy
  • Canine pregnancy
  • Fetal development
  • Caring for the pregnant bitch

The course content is taught live on Zoom so that the sessions are interactive and we have plenty of time to dive into discussions. Through connecting with other ethical dog breeders, you not only get the benefit of the course content itself but also of the community.

Unit 2 focuses on Whelping and Aftercare, and we cover

  • Whelping Preparation
  • Troubleshooting the Whelping
  • Newborn Care
  • Aftercare for the bitch and puppies
  • Worming & Immunisation
  • Weaning

Unit 3 is focused on Socialisation, and we cover

  • Understanding socialisation
  • What you need to raise your puppies
  • Newborn puppy handling and early scent introduction
  • Sound and texture socialisation and desensitisation
  • House training
  • Socialisation with people
  • Car and crate socialisation
  • Exploring the outside world
  • Early recall so your puppies can experience freedom safely
  • Nail care and husbandry so your puppies get used to handling early on
  • Fear periods, sleep and processing so you can meet all your puppies needs
  • Raising a singleton puppy
  • Matching puppies with the appropriate owners
  • Breed-specific considerations to be aware of

With a clear socialisation plan, it doesn’t take long to provide the opportunities for your puppies to socialise with the human world and grow in confidence. In just 5 minutes per puppy, per day, you can lay incredible foundations which will help your puppies grow into resilient, confident dogs. 

The course is 130 hours of home study, which brings together virtual classroom learning, online workbooks and assessments of each unit to help solidify and evidence your new knowledge. 

You receive full support from me to help you navigate, understand and process the course content so that it’s meaningful and actionable for you. 

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How much does the Ofqual regulated Level 3 in Dog Breeding cost?

The cost of the course is £1250 – the cost of one puppy for most of us! And it’ll stand you in good stead for every litter you breed, so it’s a very worthwhile investment. 

It’s tax-deductible, and delivers a qualification that shows your prospective owners, licensing inspector and peers just how committed to being an incredible dog breeder you are. 

You can enrol for a £250 deposit and pay the balance before you start the course. 

Learn more about the course here. 

How long does the course take to complete?

This is a 12-week course. However, all teaching sessions are recorded so you can work through the content at your own pace – whether that’s lightning speed or at a pace that’s manageable for you. 

You can take your assessment whenever you’re ready, so it’s entirely up to you how long the course takes to complete.  

I don’t have a litter of puppies right now. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to take the course before breeding a litter of puppies. The more well informed and knowledgeable you are before you begin the breeding process, the better it will be for everybody!

You’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can revisit and refresh your understanding whenever you need to. 

I’m not very academic. Will I struggle?

The course content is made up of a combination of videos, written modules and live lessons. You’ll have direct access to your tutor, who will help explain anything you need help with. 

The course assessment is both written and verbal, and you’re not graded on your grammar! So you’ll be just fine! 

Are you teaching people how to make money from breeding dogs?

No, No, No!

Our courses are intended to help support and educate people who have ALREADY decided to breed. Education is KEY to changing how breeders are viewed, how the dogs of our future are born and raised, and it is at a grassroots level that we need to get the skills, knowledge, and support so that breeders are no longer ‘learning on the job.’

Prior to the launch of our Ofqual regulated Level 3 Certificate for dog breeders, DEFRA has long been advising that breeders should have a minimum Level 3 Ofqual Qualification for licensing. However, previously there was nowhere for breeders to learn and obtain this specific information. This has led to breeders getting qualifications that are not best suited for their roles and responsibilities. 

Now becoming a qualified, knowledgeable and skilled dog breeder is possible. Nobody has to take a course in an alternative area as a tick box exercise. Instead, they can tick the box, get qualified and crucially, obtain the knowledge and support they need to be the best breeder possible. And that is great news for everybody. 

Could I choose an alternative Ofqual regulated Level 3 Qualification?

Yes, there are alternative Ofqual regulated Level 3 Qualifications, such as a Level 3 in Canine Studies, Behaviour and Welfare, or a Level 3 in Training & Behaviour. 

While these qualifications are dog-related and will tick the box of giving you a Level 3 qualification, the course content isn’t covering the areas of canine care that are most relevant to you as a dog breeder. 

If you want to get qualified, then why not choose a course that is specific to your industry and your profession? Get more out of the experience than ticking a box, and actually uplevel your breeding knowledge and practises, while achieving a highly regarded qualification. 

Want to learn more or sign up?

Just hop over to our Ofqual regulated iPet Network Level 3 in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare course page for more details. 

Rebecca Walters

I’m Rebecca Walters, founder of Pupstarts Breeders. I’m a 5-star licensed dog breeder, an ex-licensing officer, and a woman committed to changing the industry for good.

I want to deliver all the dog breeding information, advice and education you need to be an ethical and reputable dog breeder who makes a difference in the world.

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