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Pupstarts Accredited Courses for Dog Breeders

Our Ofqual, CPD Accredited & Self-Paced Dog Breeding Courses

for dog breeders, pet professionals and puppy owners

At Pupstarts, we’re committed to providing a complete pathway of education and support for dog breeders, pet professionals and new puppy owners, so that every human caring for dogs is completely equipped for every stage in the journey.

With over a decade of experience in dog breeding, training and welfare, we have created the only dog breeding courses that tackle every element of breeding, whelping and raising healthy happy puppies in a direct and easy-to-learn fashion.

OFQUAL Courses for Dog Breeders

CPD Accredited Courses for Dog Breeders

General Courses for Dog Breeders

Courses for Pet Pros

Courses for Owners

“I have just completed the Level 3 in Dog Breeding qualification and I have loved every minute. I learnt so much and I really enjoyed it.

The support was amazing. I have been breeding for over 10 years and I can’t believe how much I have learnt from this. I will definitely be looking out for more training and courses from Rebecca at Pupstarts.”

Ceri Wright

The Pupstarts Breeder Portal

The Pupstarts breeder portal french bulldog
Once you have enrolled on a course, you get FREE and INSTANT access to our Pupstarts Breeder Portal.

This is our private member’s area, and it’s heaving with dog breeding information, advice and understanding breeders ready to support you on your journey.

There’s nothing 9-5 about dog breeding, so having access to a 24-7 lifeline of support is worth its weight in gold.
Plus, get exclusive access to our weekly lives, bonus video tutorials and Q&As.

We will support, advise and educate you on every step of your breeding journey.

The Ambassador program

Pupstarts Ambassdor program cocker spaniel puppies

Included with all our dog breeding courses is pre-approved entry into our ambassador program. It’s here that you are presented with a wealth of options to elevate your new puppy owners knowledge and skills so that they can give your pups the very best homes for life.

When your puppies leave for their new homes, there is a gap in support for new puppy owners. Until pup is fully vaccinated and can get to in person training classes, there is little support to help your owners handle the sleepless nights, toilet training and everything else we know is coming their way.

This is the most vulnerable time for new puppy owners and a crucial point in their puppy’s development.

The Puppy Pod bridges that gap and leaves your puppy owners feeling supported, guided and clear on what to do with their little bundle of joy (and carnage!)

Support your puppies seamlessly into their new homes and get paid for it!

labrador puppy

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