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Rebecca Walters Breeder Consultant

The Woofanomics Workshop

Get the tools you need to keep breeding ethically in a stressful economy

For dog breeders tired of feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel – get unstuck and rediscover your mojo.

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Virtual event via Zoom


Wednesday 19th July 2023


Has a dip in enquiries and constant buzz about the cost of living got your entire whelping box in a spin?

Are you feeling lost and worried about the future of your impending litters or puppy’s you already have? As a breeder you’re used to sleepless nights, but this is taking the biscuit!

Fear not! Join me, Rebecca Walters, for a masterclass on not just managing the 💩storm but sailing through it with happy puppies who’ll do more than survive it all – they’ll thrive thanks to what you currently see as the biggest struggles ever.

Say goodbye to negative outlooks and embrace the power of positive possibility. Don’t believe the hype – this is a great time to be a dog breeder.

Let’s turn this chaotic climate into positive possibilities… together.

In this one-off masterclass, we’ll uncover

what’s stopping you growing an unbelievable waitlist

how your differences are your ultimate untapped resource

why you’re struggling to attract the right prospective owners for your pups

when the best time to find homes for your puppies really is (it’s not when you think)

By the end of this session together, you’ll feel excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for you and your litters.

So if you’re ready to reclaim your confidence, excitement, and passion for ethical dog breeding – now’s the time to save your seat in the whelping box with me.

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Don’t let economic difficulties unravel your ethics!


Virtual event via Zoom


Wednesday 19th July 2023



This session will be recorded so if you can’t join us live you can replay at your leisure.

Despite having been a dog breeder for the past 20 years, I have learnt so much from Rebecca.

She has so much enthusiasm and motivation and is extremely knowledgeable.

Janet Gilson

Rebecca is a fantastic teacher making everything easy to take in for all learners breaking it down to digestible chunks.

Emma Walker


What if I can’t attend live?
The masterclass will be recorded and sent to all who register for the event.

You will get more out of it if you attend live, as you can ask questions and soak up the atmosphere with us. But if you can’t make it, you’ll still get plenty out of rewatching the recorded event.

Does it cost anything to take part?
Nope! This masterclass is completely free! And it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits, revive your mojo and have you feeling positive about the future of your puppies.
I’m taking a break from breeding, is it still worth attending?
Yes! Many breeders are taking a breather or scaling down at the moment.

We will be covering some pretty insightful concepts around homing puppies and building your waitlists, so you’ll get something valuable out of the event even if you’re not currently breeding.

I’m in a different time zone, can I still attend?
Yes! The event is online at 7pm GMT, but you’re welcome to join us from anywhere in the world.

Do you know someone who’d benefit from this free masterclass?

Give this page a share and invite them along.

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