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Safeguard your puppies with online vet support 

by | Nov 21, 2023

Did you know, the average pet owner has 24 questions about their pet every year? 

I’d hazard a guess that for new puppy owners that figure is significantly higher! The questions that come flooding in from brand new owners usually go something like this…

Is this normal? Do I need to take my puppy to the vet? Can I treat my puppy at home for this? Should I be worried?! Now he’s doing xyz, what should I do? 

These puppy owners usually do one of two things. 

  1. They ask google (a hive of unreliable information)
  2. They phone or message you for advice

I’m happy to tell you, there is a much better solution! 

You can connect your new puppy owners with 24/7 vet support with Vidivet. Ensuring everyone has complete peace of mind, accurate advice and safeguarding yourself from a barrage of questions that are better suited to a vet! 

Safeguarding your puppies when they leave for new homes

We all know what it’s like with puppies: they eat everything, explore everywhere and jump off anything they can. 

During the first 6 months of their lives, their new owners are not only getting to know their pups, but they are also at the most at risk of doing themselves a mischief. 

labrador puppy eating a plant

By having a vet on hand 24/7 at their beck and call, whether they just have some loose stools, have chewed on the plants or have done a swan dive from the top step, they can get instant peace of mind and a clear path to any next steps needed. 

24/7 Online Vet support – without hefty fees

VidiVet is a nifty app that gives your new puppy owners access to awesome vet support 24/7, from anywhere at any time. They don’t even need to be with their pup at the time! 

With no emergency call out costs or hefty consultation fees, it’s a brilliant way to ensure your puppy owners get timely and accurate veterinary support whenever they need it: 

  • They have a personalised video response to any question in an average of less than 5 minutes from a real UK vet, not a bot!
  • 96% of the questions they get asked when vets are close DO NOT need to go to the emergency vets! 

This is especially important for new puppy owners as sometimes they don’t know whether they need to whizz their puppy straight to the vet, or whether they can treat them safely at home. 

puppy snuggled up at home on sofa

Whether you have a super anxious new puppy owner who is full of worry about whether something’s normal and wants to get every little thing checked out……

Or an owner at the other end of the spectrum – the new puppy parent who really should have taken their pup straight to the emergency vets, but they took a wait and see approach.

Having 24/7 direct access to UK vets who can advise your puppy owners helps protect and safeguard your puppies’ health. It can be the difference between an owner getting critical advice over them ignoring symptoms or taking a wait and see approach. 

How does on-demand vet support work? 

The Vidivet app gives owners direct access to UK vets who are on hand to personally answer any questions about their pets 24/7. They get a personalised video response from a real vet, telling them exactly what they need to know in just a couple of minutes. 

My two favourite things about it are:

  1. Owners can watch the video response back as many times as they need (really valuable when you’re in a panic). The app stores the questions forever so you never forget!
  2. You pay a low cost flat monthly fee – so owners won’t worry about asking as many questions as they need to 

Vidvet’s digital vet service offers pet owners, especially new ones, complete peace of mind and that arm around the shoulder that everyone needs from time to time. It’s like an NHS 111 but for pets. 

vet sat in front of a computer doing an online vet consultation

Don’t let Google lead your owners astray

What do we do when we’re worried about something? Well, if we don’t have direct access to someone in the know, we google it. 

With an awful lot of misinformation on the internet, it’s important to help our puppy owners swerve the bad advice and get proper information from a trusted source rather than turning to internet searches and social media experts. 

How this service benefits you as a breeder

Once we hand our puppies over to their new families, we need to be confident that we’ve done all we can to prepare them to take the very best care of their new bundle of joy. 

From undertaking our puppy profiling to match our pups with the right people, to providing them puppy training resources, we want to put everything in place to set our puppies and their people up for success. 

We also want to demonstrate that we are the best of the best in the dog breeding world. We’re responsible, we’re reputable, we go above and beyond for our puppies and their humans. 

Giving them easy to access, affordable vet support on demand is a really valuable way to protect your puppies and support their people in the early days. 

How much does it cost to speak to a vet online?

Vidivets service costs just £8.99 a month or £91.70 for annual cover. Given the cost of standard vet consultations, not to mention out of hours emergency care, it’s a really affordable way to get direct access to a vet as often as you need. 

How to offer online vet support to your new puppy owners

There are two main ways that you can offer this service to your new puppy owners. You can pass them on the information and encourage them to sign up. Or, you can do what dog breeder Vicky Rutherford of Nook on Lyne Labradors did… 

Vicky wanted to go the extra mile for her puppies and their owners and she wanted peace of mind that their new homes had the absolute best support possible. So she bought licenses for the app for each of her puppies and included the cost in the price of her puppies. 

nook on lyne labrador puppies snuggled up in whelping box on charcoal and pink vet bedding

This is a really smart way to do it. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain when you ensure each and every one of your puppies is covered with 24/7 support and advice direct from a vet. 

Those puppy owners have already made good use of Vidivets online vet service – they got fast support and Vicky could rest easy knowing they were in safe hands. 

Showcase your brilliance

As an ethical and responsible breeder, there are so many ways you can go the extra mile to take the very best care of every litter you raise. 

You can find the links below for more information on our new puppy owner training programme, Vidivets 24/7 vet support service and our puppy profiling course that helps you match pups with their best fit homes. 

Are you qualified? 

If you really want to be the very best dog breeder you can be, then please take a look at our iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation & Welfare

Inside we cover absolutely everything you need for every litter you breed, including:

  • Mate selection and breeding in depth so you make good choices
  • Breeder planning and schedules for healthy, happy pups
  • Laws and licensing for responsible breeders
  • Puppy socialisation for breeders so your pups are world ready
  • Puppy Profiling to successfully match puppies with their forever homes
  • Breeder Paperwork Bundles to keep all your ducks in a row
  • Instant entry to our Puppy Pod Ambassador Programme
  • A whole lot more

Find out more and see the whole curriculum here. 

Rebecca Walters

I’m Rebecca Walters, founder of Pupstarts Breeders. I’m a 5-star licensed dog breeder, an ex-licensing officer, and a woman committed to changing the industry for good.

I want to deliver all the dog breeding information, advice and education you need to be an ethical and reputable dog breeder who makes a difference in the world.

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